Is 3d led tv is better than just led?

Answer It's not that it's better, it somewhat different. If you are confused about 3D then that's a different story. LED is a type of image producing lighting behind the TV screen. This lighting produces ... Read More »

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Are camcorders a better thing to have rather than just a camera?

It all depends if you just want to take pictures or if you want to take videos. Both are great of course, but what is it that you enjoy doing. Or there are some cameras that take pictures as well a... Read More »

Does soap clean dishes better than just hot water?

On One Hand: Soap Cleans Better Than Hot Water AloneSoap releases grease and oil that water alone cannot wash away. Oil and water do not mix, but soap's chemical structure clings to both so the oil... Read More »

Does a VGA to HDMI converter give a better image than just using a VGA cable?

Not really, no. Don't bother with the converter.I still use a CRT screen on a seperate machine for particular work that I do, so there are pro's and cons to VGA. On balance, the pro's of digital ... Read More »

Will circumcision fade out just as the idea of formula-feeding being better than...?

Ginger, thank you for your interest in ending male infant genital mutilation, the medical industry has done many shame full things for profit, you mentioned the push towards formula-feeding, I also... Read More »