Is 3D TV worth the money and is it any good?

Answer IMHO, it's a short-term gimmick, like all the other 3D iterations that have come and gone since the 1950s. The problems are:1. Those glasses. Some day they may not be needed, but doing that comfort... Read More »

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Are monster cables any good are they worth the money has anybody tried them?

YES, brought , use, feel good and now sells them.oh by the way twisted, just to let you know currys don't sell them, because they didn't understand them. Secondly and more importantly check outwww.... Read More »

Are mini fridges a good present or are they not worth the money?

my friend got them for her kids last year, none of them could sleep while they were on in the same room, unfortunately they were so noisy

Is camp beaumont good for a (slightly) shy 16 year old Is it worth the money?

Our 12 yr old daughter has been away on residentials before without difficulty, but she absolutely hated this and pleaded not to be sent on one again. Food poor, no choice of activities, phone and ... Read More »

How much is fifty pounds of Egyptian money worth in American money?

No the data won't delete from the iPhone unless you reset everything