Is 320 GB a good amount of memory?

Answer Yes, it would take a lot of files to use up 320GB.

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What is considored a pretty good amount of RAM memory?

1GB would be considered a "pretty good" amount - although if you really want a decent system nowadays you should have at least 2GB.

What is the largest amount of memory foam you can buy?

Memory foam comes in a variety of sizes. It's used for pillows, mattress toppers and even as a combination mattress and topper. The largest size memory foam mattress combination is 76 inches wide a... Read More »

What is the max amount of memory an HP XL773 computer can handle?

The HP Pavillion XL773 desktop computer has two memory slots that can each hold a 256 MB memory module for a maximum of 512 MB RAM. The computer uses 100 MHz unbuffered SDRAM.References:HP: HP Pavi... Read More »

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