Is 32 OHMS good for your headphones?

Answer "The program allows the user to change speech to text. You do not need headphones to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking. However, if you do not use headphones it will require you to use a microphone."

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Is 16 OHMS good for headphones?

Is 34 ohms good for your headphones?

Yes you can! With any kind of headphones. But it won't if the hole isn't big enough for it.

How many ohms is considered good for headphones?

Yes, there are different sizes of Beats by Dr. Dre.

Is it ok to put an 8 ohms speakers to a 6 ohms receiver?

Disregard all previous answers. I wish people who didn't know what they are talking about would stop answering technical questions. END OF RANT.What you are describing will not hurt any of your e... Read More »