Is 31 a primary number?

Answer Primary numbers, more commonly referred to as prime numbers, are numbers that have only two divisors, or in other words, are only divisible by one and itself. The first 10 primary numbers in the nu... Read More »

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Number Tricks for Primary Students?

Learning basic math skills requires rote memorization and repetition. Students who find math easy can become bored with math lessons, and those students who struggle with math can find them downrig... Read More »

Does an AT&T Primary Number Have to be an Adult?

My family has an AT&T family wireless plan shared amongst 3 users. The primary number belongs to my mom, then the other numbers belong to my sister and me (My dad gets his service provided by his j... Read More »

Can a person be primary driver of an auto and not primary on another that they have a loan on?

%DETAILS% Answer List your wife and daughter as primary drivers of the cars they regularly drive and occasional drivers of others. If the company finds that you have been lying to them when you ha... Read More »

What is a Microsoft access auto number primary key for Microsoft 2003?

The Microsoft Access "AutoNumber" data type is a special type of data field that automatically assigns a unique, incremental number to each new record added to a data table. It is often employed as... Read More »