Is 2GB's of memory more than 512MB?

Answer About 4X as much.1 bit = 8 1' & 0sa byte is 10 bitsa kilobyte is 1000 bytesa megabyte is 1000 kilobytesa gigabyte is 1000 megabytesI have a nagging feeling i missed one of the 1000 multiples.

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Does 512MB or 2GB have more memory?

2 gigabytes (GB) is significantly larger than 512 megabytes (MB). One gigabyte consists of 1,024 megabytes, which means 2GB is four times the size of 512MB. Some manufacturers describe a megabyte a... Read More »

What memory card holds more data, 1GB or 512MB?

1 GB holds more data.its capacity is twice the memory of 512 MB.Its can store upto 1024 MB data.

Would 512MB store more photos than 2GB?

There are 1000 MB in 1 GB So 512MB would be the same as about .5GB. The 2GB is much bigger. Good luck and Happy Computing!

What are the advantages of having 1024MB of memory rather than 512MB?

think of it this way, imagine that you have a basket that can hold 512 books (yes this is pretend) and you need to move 1024 books from your room to your mom's room, it would take you TWO TRIPS to ... Read More »