Is 250GB a month enough?

Answer Unless you are watching a lot of Hi-Def movies online than 250GB is plenty for any family.Online games actually use very little data during the play of the game, approx 100 KB/s or less. I play Rif... Read More »

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Would 1g be enough internet usage for a month on the iPhone in the UK?

not much other than the OSI is much faster and the camera has video recording and that's pretty much it

Are morning walk and dieting enough to loose 2-3 kgs weight in a month?

Are 1000 euros per month enough for a student to live in Switzerland?

I totally agree with Goddess of Grammar: if you're just talking about spending money, you'll manage perfectly. If those €1000 are supposed to cover everything, it could get tight. Keep in mind th... Read More »

Would i giant homemade cookie be a good enough present for bf of one month?

I think so. I think a month is too early for anything expensive or too personal. A large cookie is great,and homeade shows you thought about him and took the time to do it.I think homeade presents ... Read More »