Is there anything better than 20/20 vision?

Answer 20/20 is the standard set as good, normal vision.20/15 is even better and is quite common....20/10 is less common, but not all that rare.20/8 is the best recorded human vision possible.A hawk suppo... Read More »

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Do teens have better vision than adults?

Answer The age that humans have the best vision is between 18-40 years of age, so that might be true.

I CAN control whether I see normal vision or blurry vision... why?

its normal. most people can do that. its called 'accommodation'

Episode 12 Godsend When Peter experiences a second vision of himself exploding New York City which hero is now seen that was not in the original vision?

How to Get Better Vision?

Our eyes are two of our most precious possessions- yet, all too easily, we can take good eyesight for granted. Protect your peepers with these low-effort actions: