Is 20/20 perfect vision?

Answer Vision World Wide, Inc. reports that a measurement of 20/20 vision does not equate to perfect vision. In addition, according to All About Vision, 20/20 only refers to the ability to read clearly at... Read More »

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How do you get perfect vision?

you go to the eye doctor and get glasses if you need them or she or magic!

Can someone get colored contacts even if they have perfect vision?

Yes of course you can. Go to, they are perfect and cheap. They will not cause your eyes any harm, i've used them numberous times. The Moonlight colored contacts are very nice...... Read More »

Do you have to have perfect vision to fly a bomber plane in the air force?

Yes, pilots need to be glasses and contacts free for their own safety and for the safety of the crew flying with the pilot. They have to pass a distance and close up eye test.

Episode 12 Godsend When Peter experiences a second vision of himself exploding New York City which hero is now seen that was not in the original vision?