Question about leap year?

Answer Oh Popcorn Queen, Oh Popcorn Queen Don't Freet!!!!Double click on your clock in the bottom right corner of your screen and you should be able to change the date and time right there. If not try ri... Read More »

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Frog Activities for Leap Year Day?

Leap Year Day only happens once every four years, but it presents an opportunity for teachers, group leaders and other adults to use the frog as the focus of theme-oriented activities for all ages.... Read More »

How to Create an Excel Calendar for Leap Year?

Microsoft Excel is a program designed for creating spreadsheets. One feature of the program is that it allows users to create and customize calendars. This can be done either with the use of Micros... Read More »

Leap Year Bulletin Board Ideas?

Explaining the concept of leap year to children can be difficult. The topic of leap year can provide opportunities to discuss time, months, seasons and the history of the calendar. Create a visual ... Read More »

In what Quantum Leap episode does Sam Beckett leap into a paraplegic?

yes there is. He became super saiyan 2 when he became majin vegeta by Babidi and since then he was able to transform at will.