Is 200 the limit for videos in a playlist?

Answer yeah 200 is the limit

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Is there a way to play youtube or google videos continuously from search results, without playlist?

In youtube, each video has a small + sign in the bottom left corner. As you go through the list, just click on the + sign for the ones you want to see. Each video you pick is added to the "Quicklis... Read More »

Is there a limit to how many videos you can have on your ipod?

well it would depend on the size of your ipod.=]

Sansa c250 playlist how to make a playlist?

OK, here's the deal. Windows Media Player is fine for transferring files to the c250, but doesn't seem to know how to transfer playlists. For working with playlists, go into WinAmp, click on "Porta... Read More »

How to Build a Playlist on Playlist.Com?

Do you want to make a playlist so that every time you go on a site, you don't have to type in every song. Or after the song is over press "replay"? This is how.