Is 20 mins of exercise a day enough?

Answer 20-minutes a day is definitely enough provided you:1) Always make the workout as tough as you can2) Complete your 20-minutes 5 days a week. You need a couple of days a week rest to optimise result... Read More »

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Is 45 mins on the computer really enough for a 17 year old?

no. 17 means..almost 18, so something like internet shouldn't be limited too much, plus, 17 year olds love to chat online, instead of talking on the phone, which goes by faster than it feels. so I ... Read More »

I am going for a beer in 5 mins what shall i have 5 mins to answer?

Guinness Stout... the breakfast of champions.

My supermarket fishmonger told me to bake my whiting fillets for 7 mins but im seein 20 mins as the norm onlin?

the baking time all depends on how thick the fish fillet is.There is no set time because all fillets are not the exact same thickness.In general, when frying fish, an inch thick fillet takes about ... Read More »

Is a mile walk a day enough exercise?

It depends on your diet and physical needs.If you need to lose weight here is a natural plan that may help: