Is 20 inches for a computer monitor big?

Answer depends on your desk size and how far you sit from it.19 or 20 in is common size, if you have a larger desk/ room then 22 may be better.

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How many inches is a computer monitor?

To find out how many inches your computer monitor is, measure the diagonal. This is the distance from the bottom corner on one side of the screen to the top corner on the opposite side. This inform... Read More »

My monitor has a black spot about 3 inches from the top.?

It seems like the pixels are dead, or stuck your monitor. There are many ways you can fix this through computer programs or physical methods; maybe try searching up some, since i don't have any rec... Read More »

Good LED monitor between 20 and 24 inches for gaming between £100 and £150?

I went with the Samsung LED 23". It was around $170 (which if converted to pounds, should still be in your price range). For gaming, make sure you get a monitor with 2ms (millisecond response) and ... Read More »

Is 27 inches monitor too large for normal desktop?

I hope not. I am using a 37" Sanyo HDTV as my monitor on a desktop I built about 3 months ago. Thinking about downsizing. The big screen is great and I do not have to wear my glasses but I get the ... Read More »