Is 2 GB of RAM sufficient?

Answer Yes there will be a tremendous improvement from 512 to 2gig. 512mb is not even the minimum required. And yes 2gig is probably enough but that depends on what your going to be doing. If your able to... Read More »

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How to Be Self Sufficient in a City?

Whether you might dream about living in the wide open space of the country or getting away from the throw-away society, for many this dream will be just a dream, but you can still be more self suff... Read More »

Is this PSU sufficient for Nvidia GTX 550ti ?

It all depends on his other hardware, however I would certainly tell him to go with the Coolermaster. A cheap 500w is unlikely to cut it with a mid range card such as a Gtx 550ti.Your Radeon 6670 n... Read More »

Is an e-ticket sufficient to board an airplane?

An e-ticket is not sufficient to board an airplane. In order to board an airplane, you need a boarding pass. Depending on the airline, you can get a boarding pass at the airport ticket counter, at ... Read More »

How to Make a Self Sufficient Biodome?

Biodomes are mini man made atmospheres that support life, even in its simplest forms, although not to be confused with a biosphere, which is an atmosphere around something (like a planet or a moon ... Read More »