Is 18 years old too young to have kids?

Answer yes it is way to young because first you should get a job to support any kidsNo.

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Is 7 years old too young to have a FaceBook?

Yes! The sooner people start using Facebook, the more gossipy they will become in the future (I think). Plus, seven year olds aren't exactly popular, and they don't know many people. The only peopl... Read More »

Is it bad to have kids at a young age?

No, its not bad but you should have kids when you are out of school and you should have them before your 35 because it lowers your risk at not getting breat cancer. yes it is bad to have kids at a ... Read More »

Are kids smarter now than they were 30 years ago since we now have computers and internet?

How many years of college are necessary to be able to work with kids who have Down syndrome?

It depends on what position of employment you are seeking. If you wish to be a professional (teacher, therapist) it most likely will require an undergraduate degree and a Master's degree.