Is $17per hour considered good pay?

Answer It is close to the national average."Narrowing our search to "salary," we found that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average annual wages in the U.S. as $36,764 for 2002. More recently, ... Read More »

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What is considered frequent urination in early pregnancy Is the urge of having to GO every hour and a half considered frequent?

Answer No, like everything else there is a wide variation, some women need to go every hour, and others (myself included) have no increase in frequency at all.If you find it is burning/painful/sme... Read More »

How to Look Good in 1 Hour?

How to look good in an hour or less. This routine may not be suitable for everyone...

How long is an OSHA 30 hour card good?

There is no expiration date for an OSHA 30-hour course completion card. Additional training of employees on specific job site hazards and methods to alleviate them is the responsibility of the empl... Read More »

How long is the OSHA 10 hour course good for?

The 10-hour course for the General Industry Outreach certification and the Construction Industry Outreach program must be updated every four years. If the renewal course is not taken within three m... Read More »