Is 1.78m / 5'10 too tall for a girl?

Answer Absolutely not! Tall is beautiful

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How tall is tall for a 7 year old girl?

There is no fixed rate for growth, a child is a child. Some are tall and some are small. Personally i was 5 foot 1" when i left school at 15 i am now 6 foot and 44. Growth patterns have many facto... Read More »

Is 5'10 to tall for a girl?

simply means you have the body of a proud! you have a body girls would die for :)

How tall will a girl be If she's 5'8 at 13?

Well you could just stop growing because girls usually grow until there around 14 but every one is different. For example my dad is 5'10 my grandfather is 6'5 and I was estimated at birth to grow 6... Read More »

Is 5ft 7 really really tall for a girl..?

I was 5' 11' when I was in 8th grade .... I never, ever felt "weird" about it (I did feel a little uncomfortable when the 8 & 9 grade boys who wanted to slow dance only came up to my bra line, thou... Read More »