Is 160GB more or less than 6.5 GB of hard drive space?

Answer 1st grade math helps you answer this; which is larger 160 or 6.5?

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If a drive has 2GB is that more or less than 2MB?

It is a lot more.1 GB is equal to 1024 MB so, 2GB would be 2048 MB which is 1024 times more than 2MB.

How do I get more free space on my hard drive?

take off all the items never used but kept in case you need them.also put some rarly used files on cd's/dvd's as data.check the library on "media " players you may have items stored there .which ar... Read More »

Can I download more hard drive space to my computer?

no you can harddrive is a hardware no a software but is really cheap to buy the best way to do it is just go to wallmart or best buy and get a usb... any other questions just hit me up ^^

How can I make more space on my hard drive without deleting anything?

Go start -> accessories -> system tools -> Disk CleanupIt will perform a scan which may take a while...Here are a few things you can delete safely and I really don't think you will miss:Downloaded ... Read More »