Is 16 wks and no fetal heartbeat normal?

Answer YOu really need to talk to your doctor or nurse about this as you have not said why you cannot hear a heartbeat.

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What is a normal fetal heartbeat at nine weeks pregnant?

Answer Oncew the baby's heart starts beating it stays more or less the same until after it is born. It can be anywhere from 120-160 and it varies over the day.

When can you hear a heartbeat with a fetal monitor?

The fetal heart beat can be heard between eight and 10 weeks using a handheld doppler. These monitors are used in the doctor's office, and also can be purchased for home use to monitor the fetal he... Read More »

Is it normal to have a fast heartbeat normal during pregnancy?

Yes You're heart is currently supporting yourself, and another (tiny) human being. Your heart rate will probably be something like 15 beats per minute faster than usual, because of the extra workl... Read More »

Is it normal to hear your heartbeat when excersising?

When you exercise your blood pumps faster and harder. You become more aware of changes in your body eg hotter. Heartbeat in your head is totally normal when you work your body hard.