Is 16 to young to have a child?

Answer Yes and no.Yes because you are not financially stable, you will not be able to have a baby and a job all on your own. No because physically you are capable of bearing a child.

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What should you do if you want a child and you are really young?

Answer Become a nanny or do a lot of babysitting. If this isn't an option get a dog. I know that sounds silly, but you are better off with a dog than a baby if you are young. Wait until you are old... Read More »

How to Get Your Young Child to Really Talk to You?

You need to know more about your child's day and no matter how creatively you propose questions you just get generalized, robotic like responses. Do you want to hear more from your child about the ... Read More »

How to Nurture a Young Child?

This is how to make a child, around ages 1-3, happy and comfortable. They should end up satisfied!

Can a young child sit at a bar in a restaurant in CT?

If the car does not have air bags, then a child can sit in the front at any age, but must us a booster seat until they weigh at least 80lbs. If your car has passenger side air bags, then it not rec... Read More »