Is 16 to young to have a child?

Answer Yes and no.Yes because you are not financially stable, you will not be able to have a baby and a job all on your own. No because physically you are capable of bearing a child.

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Adoptees: Did you have a strong desire to have a child when you were young simply to have a blood connection?

I very much wanted children. Having a blood connection was part of it. A desire to parent was part of it, as well. I did hope to have children fairly early (in my 20's.) Being infertile, it nev... Read More »

I have to make up a play about a early childhood worker, a divocerd young mother and her your child?

maybe you can play the mother and have someone else play the child. Show the mother trying to get ready for work and the child is running around getting into everything. like cereal trying to make ... Read More »

Is it okay for a young child to have bright yellow urine and green bowel movements at the same time?

If there are no other symptoms and it is only occurring over a period of a couple of hours, it is likely that it may be from a dye the child has ingested. For instance, if they drank a large amount... Read More »

If you were talking to a young person who is pregnant but not sure she's ready to have a child what would you say are the pros and cons of having a baby?

Answer They are the most wonderful thing in the world. The love you have for them is more than you can imagine. And once you have it, it's more than you can explain. But they can also make you more... Read More »