Is 15.99% a good APR rate on my credit card balances?

Answer On One Hand: 15.99 Percent Is a High RateAn APR (annual percentage rate) of 15.99 percent is a high interest rate, much higher than most other forms of debt. Many credit cards have introductory and... Read More »

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How to Transfer Credit Card Balances at a Fixed Rate?

Even when the interest rates on savings and investments decline, the rates on credit cards tend to remain stubbornly high. That is why it is important for consumers who carry a balance on their cre... Read More »

Does transferring balances to another credit card hurt your credit?

Transferring balances does not directly impact your credit score, according to It can, however, present problems that eventually hurt your score. If done too much, you could miss a... Read More »

What is a good rate for a credit card?

A good rate for a credit card depends on your own situation. For some people, a rate of 12 percent is good and for someone else 8 percent is good. If you cannot get approved for a credit card, you ... Read More »

How do I transfer balances to a 0 APR credit card?

Current Credit CardsLook at the balance transfer options for your credit cards. Most list these online or in your monthly account statement. See if any of your current cards have a 0 percent APR ba... Read More »