Is 15 too young to have a baby?

Answer Most 15 year old women are capable of having a healthy baby... however it's not normally a good idea for a 15 year old to get pregnant as they normally don't have any way to support themselves or a... Read More »

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Is 16 too young to have a baby will people think bad of you if you've got at baby at 16?

AnswerIt is very young but you can do it. You can apply for some type of financial assistance and go to university down the road. I was 26 with my first and only child and honestly there would of b... Read More »

Is age 15 to young to have a baby?

Is age 15 too young to have a baby?

Yes, 15 is way to young to have a baby. A 15 year old is still a kid herself. There could also be medical complications for the girl and her baby. It is not safe and I would not advise it.

Why do young man have no concern for a baby?

Answer for why do a young man have no There can be  a wide number of reasons that a young man would show no concern for a baby.  He may be scared of the idea of fatherhood.  He may simply not w... Read More »