Is 130 pounds a normal weight for a 5' 3 12-year-old girl and how can you lose weight fast?

Answer 130 lbs is perfectly normal. You will stretch out over the years. I was 200 lbs and 5'3 in Dec. of '94 when I was 12. Because of problems caused by the obesity, I walked 4 out of 7 days and ate rig... Read More »

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Is 103 pounds too much for an 11-year-old girl and if so what is the normal weight if you are 4'9'' and a half?

I Say Please Eat Some More Its Not Right I say that 103 pounds for an 11 yr old that's 4'9" is a little too much for that height and weight , I'm 11 years old and 4'9" but, i weigh about 93 pounds... Read More »

I'm a 16 year old girl and i weight 118, im 5'5 and im determined to lose weight. do you think thats bad?

Body image issues- particularly for teenage girls- are incredibly complex and very common. 118 at 5'5 sounds like a very healthy weight so I wouldn't worry about it. You may be taller or have a d... Read More »

When you lose a significant amount of weight (50+ pounds) do you lose weight in your feet, nose and lips too?

Im 16, 5'4 and 145 pounds. How can i lose weight fast before school starts in September?

Dont listen to the idiot that says to throw up. That is the most ridiculous advice to give a teen, or to anyone!. Eat MORE FIBER! Fiber fills you up fast and keeps you full longer. Try instant oatm... Read More »