Is 13 to young to try iced tea ?

Answer 13 is not too young to drink tea. tea is non alcoholic unless mixed. it is sold at every fastfood chain i know of. i dont mean to offend, but i am guessing that you are from the northern US, where ... Read More »

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Poll: iced tea or iced coffee?

What is the name of a 70's TV show where a young woman is transplanted with the brain of a young boy?

Teens and young adults answer only or young at heart?

Yes when I lived at home with my family, we always ate together.It was my decision.Oh frequently.Yes I did my fair share.I am 23.

How young is too young for a baby to attend a concert?

AnswerUsually a month is good. Still, it's best to get a babysitter (trade off with a girlfriend so no money is exchanged or grandparents) because babies do cry and they can interfere with the conc... Read More »