Is 123Cosplay safe to order from!!?

Answer Not a legit site! I would suggest you to go with some antivirus software enabled in your system. So that it would let you know whether the site is legit or not!

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Is American safe to order from?

They don't have the security I like to see on a site, but they still look ok and they have plenty of contact information and they are located in the United States which is a good thing. I think the... Read More »

Is a safe site to order from?

Probably not~Site registered in Japan, no local address listed, Gmail email address.

Is it safe to order poppy seeds from ethnobotanicals?

Ethnobotanicals is the world's supplier of ethnobotanicals for scientific research and has supplied poppy and other seeds to the general public for more than 12 years. According to the Ethobotanica... Read More »

Is it safe to order from Rich Girl's Closet ?

If you're second guessing the site, then I would definitely not order from them. Don't take the risk.