Is 11 am too early for lunch?

Answer That's a bit weird but whatever! I guess you have to deal with it:P xxx

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A bird has landed in my garden with a message " Please send lunch early today, thanks" What can I do?

kill the bird , cook the bird and send it to the address

My hubby & teenager have to carry lunch daily. Give me nutritious, non messy ( in the lunch box ), tasty?

why dont u make fried rice? use yesterday's remaining rice and fry it with garlic, any meat of ur choice, mixed vegetables and eggs. if there is a microwave they can heat it up if not u can still e... Read More »

If your first child was born early will the next one be early too?

Answer Not necessarily, each pregnancy and delivery is different. Answer no sometimes there are reasons for a early delivery and maybe there was a reason for the baby coming it has nothing to do ... Read More »

If i have to get up early for an appointment, does it help to go to bed early the night before?