Is 1080p on a computer monitor better than 1080p on a pc?

Answer Your comparing the same thing! LOL i think your asking which screen is better for PC! TV or PC Monitor hooked up with HDMI or DVI ! TV can hook up to TV cable so you can watch shows while doing som... Read More »

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Does a 1080p tv make a good computer monitor?

On One Hand: Large Monitors and Small TVs Have Similar SizesMonitor companies are making computer monitors larger to the point where they are encroaching into sizes that were previously reserved fo... Read More »

57 inch Mitsubishi 1080p LCD tv but it say 480i standard on the screen how do you change it to 1080p?

It should change by itself if you are getting a 1080 program. UNLESS you are using a Satellite decoder box. I had to go to "settings" menu in the decorder box and uncheck 480i then check 480p, 720p... Read More »

Do newer 1080p HDTVs automatically upconvert digital feeds to 1080p?

All 1080p TVs convert the feed source to 1080p. This is a given, unless the source is 1080p (i.e. BluRay, HD-DVD, computer).If you send anything other than 1080p to the TV, then it will upscale an... Read More »

Do 1080p TV sets convert 1080i signal to 1080p format?

All LCD displays use progressive scanning, namely the whole frame is built up line by line rather than odd lines followed by even lines. Therefore, by default, 1080i will be converted to 1080p, but... Read More »