Is 108 pounds and 5'1 fat for a 8th grade girl?

Answer For your height that is a perfect weight! A person 5'1 should be around 112lbs. Even though in the past year you have gained over 10 pounds that is totally normal. Your only in 8th grade, and last ... Read More »

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Should you weigh 109 pounds in 5th grade?

Answer i dont see whats wrong with it im in 5th grade and everyone in my class is 100lbs or more and they're all pretty skinny

109 pounds, 5'3" and 13 years old (girl)?

Good weight..maybe underweight if anything.

Is 100 pounds bad for a 5' 8 14-year-old girl?

Am I too skinny I am 82 pounds, 5"4, 14, and a girl.?

yes. you are underweight.Edit:Your BMI is 14.073. For a 14 y/o it is supposed to be between 15.8 and 23.3