Is 10 years old too young?

Answer For you to date??? yes

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Do you think that drinking at the age of 21 years of age is still too young?

It depends on the person, some people should never drink.

Is 12 years old to young to.....(Please answer)?

Is 7 years old too young to have a FaceBook?

Yes! The sooner people start using Facebook, the more gossipy they will become in the future (I think). Plus, seven year olds aren't exactly popular, and they don't know many people. The only peopl... Read More »

Is 16 years old to young to drive?

I'm 16. I passed both my permit and my drivers test the first time.I feel like I am responsible enough and I am a good driver. And for all the people who say 16 year olds don't need to drive..Yeahh... Read More »