Is 10 extra teeth a lot?

Answer Yes, that is a lot of extra teeth.

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What is the surgery like for removal of extra impacted wisdom teeth behind wisdom teeth that are already present?

It is very unusual to have two sets of wisdom teeth - are you sure? Removal is only required if problems occur and the teeth do not erupt normally. After surgery, there is commonly pain, swelling, ... Read More »

Extra wisdom teeth?

Extra wisdom teeth happen from time to time. They may be small like your premolars or full sized molars. These extra teeth are called distodens.

Hi, I need to get 6 teeth extracted 4 wisdom and 2 extra on top and i am terrified?

okay the first thing you do is tell your dentist how terrified you are. That way your dentist knows exactly what to expet and trust me it wont be the first time they've heard it all.Most dentistry ... Read More »

Is there a brand that makes jeans in extra extra petite length?

Gap Ankle length jeans work for me, but I am a fair amount taller than you, I'm 5' 2.5". If that doesn't work, just dry them on high heat a couple of times and they'll shrink up.Oh also I think it... Read More »