Is 1 cup of tapioca flour the same as 1 cup of regular flour?

Answer Tapioca flour is white and derived from the cassava root. It is often used in baking to produce a chewy effect most commonly sought after in breads. Tapioca flour is also used as a thickening agent... Read More »

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Are tapioca starch&tapioca flour the same thing?

Tapioca starch and tapioca flour are the same thing. They are produced by repeated grinding and washing of the tuber of the cassava or manioc plant. The large tubers, or roots, can grow to a length... Read More »

Can I substitute regular bread flour for white whole-wheat flour?

On One Hand: Substitute Equal Amounts of Bread FlourYou may use bread flour in a recipe that calls for white whole-wheat flour. Bread flour is the same as white whole-wheat flour, except the germ ... Read More »

Does rice flour act the same as AP flour when thickening?

According to Colorado State University Extension, either rice starch or waxy rice flour can be used instead of all-purpose wheat flour for thickening. Use one tablespoon of rice flour for every tab... Read More »

Korean pajeon flour same as Japanese okonomiyaki flour?