Is 0.05 mbps internet better or worse than dial-up?

Answer Depending on the available dial up connections available in your region, you should expect to receive between 28 Kbps to 48 Kbps. To compare, a 0.05 Mbps internet connection is equal to 51.2 Kbps, ... Read More »

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I'm supposed to be getting 7 Mbps with my Internet plan bu only getting around 1 Mbps?

run test at www.speedtest.netrepeat the tests over a 24hr periodonly tests run using a LAN connected pc are valid.wireless connected pc's suffer from incompatibilities so badlythat they cannot be r... Read More »

How many Mbps per second is your Internet connection?

You make me laugh!It is about 8 rings of the telephone, plus asking the others on the partyline to please get the feck off the phone.One of these days though, everyone will pay!!You tubies beware!!... Read More »

In regards to internet, what does Kbps and Mbps mean?

Kilobits per second and Megabits per second. If calculating download speed, remember there are 8 bit in 1 byte of file size.

How fast is 6.0 mbps internet?

I have AT&T extreme 6.0 and I have no buffering problems withvideo. I have not complaints my computer runs lightning fast.I can't complain anyway. AT&T is my only choice out here in thecountry in t... Read More »