Irritation from sanitary towels?

Answer You could be sensitive to the pad. Some brands have changed the way there are made and no longer have the "cottony" covers that IMO made them more comfortable. With the plastic feeling covers, it... Read More »

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Is It Sanitary to Leave Wet Towels on Towel Bars in the Bathroom?

Wet or damp bathroom towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria as well as mold and even bugs. The fact is well documented that bacteria and mold thrive in damp, dark and warm conditions. But the... Read More »

Should sanitary towels be given out like condoms?

I agree its a necessity and they are so expensive x

How do i cure irritation from my pimple and prevent it from leaving a scar?

You should never poke at them. But if you did, then put rubbing alcohol on it to dry and cleanse it and go to the drug store and get a bottle of liquid vitamin e and apply generously. This is a g... Read More »

Treatment of Irritation from Hair Removal?

Almost any hair removal method can leave your skin feeling irritated. Shaving may cause razor burn or rash, waxing and tweezing can cause pain and redness and laser hair removal can leave skin feel... Read More »