Irritating computer internet problem any ideas?

Answer Who provided the Instant Messaging software? Yahoo!, AOL, Microsoft, or third party? Do they have a support team?Make sure you only have 1 firewall active (or 2 if using a hardware firewall and s... Read More »

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My sister's computer is having a problem with Internet Explorer - it won't allow her on any websites...?

Nick is correct. Do a system restore.As an added precaution i would do a full virus scan after the restore is complete to catch the virus and remove it, lowering the chances of the exact same thing... Read More »

How do I stop and fix my computer problem with the print on my internet mail screen becoming to small to read?

Hold 'Ctrl' key down and roll the mouse wheel away from yourself.

HP OFFICEJET 4500 prints internet pages but wont print computer documents(word processor). Any ideas?

Your HP printer is not selected as the printer for Word. Press Ctrl-P and see what printer is selected. If necessary, change it.

When i start my computer then blue screen appears and my computer goes to restart Wat's the problem?

Check the writer isn't set as a slave or do you already have a CDROM sitting there as a master, two masters will conflict and cause what you say is happening. Or also if the jack cable is in backwa... Read More »