Irrigation of an Evergreen Tree?

Answer Evergreen trees such as pine, spruce, juniper, larch and arborvitae provide year-round color, beauty, shade and shelter to wildlife. Similar to deciduous trees, evergreens also require water to thr... Read More »

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Is a apple tree evergreen?

No. Apple trees are deciduous, in other words they drop all their leaves in the autumn.

Indoor Evergreen Tree Care?

Certain types of evergreen trees have characteristics that make them suitable for indoor growing. A tree that grows to 200 feet outdoors will probably not work well inside. Choose smaller conifers ... Read More »

What is the fastest growing evergreen tree?

The Norway spruce is the fastest growing evergreen tree for home and garden landscaping. Transplanted spruce trees 3 feet tall can reach Christmas tree height within three years, and can grow up t... Read More »

How do i shape a spiral evergreen tree?

Choose Your TreePick an evergreen without bare spots. There should be no browning throughout the foliage. The tree should have a strong, tell central trunk and lead branch. Before you shape it, the... Read More »