Irish Cross Symbols?

Answer Celtic crosses are one of the symbols most commonly associated with Ireland. In the past, the crosses taught a largely illiterate population the Christian faith. The crosses were highly symbolic, w... Read More »

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How to Draw Irish Symbols?

If you are an aspiring artist and in love with Irish symbols, the best way for you to combine both passions is to draw an Irish symbol. However, if you don't know where to begin, start by analyzing... Read More »

How did the Irish Republican Army affect Irish History?

The actual Irish Republican Army under Michael Collins waged a campaign against the British which ultimately led to the establishment of the Irish Free State. The IRA later waged a war against the ... Read More »

Who led the Irish Republican Army during the Anglo-Irish war?

How Does a Cross Dresser Choose When to Cross Dress?

Grasses that are planted in areas that need erosion control need to be hardy varieties of grass. They need to be able to survive in both drought and flood conditions and will grow best with relativ... Read More »