Iranians, have you heard about Haystack?

Answer it's not ready yet....they are still working on itEDIT:right now I'm sure about this,cause i just downloaded one program called haystack a moment ago and it didnt work out...also check this out :ht... Read More »

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Our daughter in law, age 45, died in October this year from this deadly disease. She was diagnosed four years ago, and was given six months to live. As soon as the diagnosis was made, the cancer ... Read More »

INDY Have You HEARD about this EVENT…?

MJ FANS: have you heard about this interview?

I'd like to hear him saying that in person I bet he is cute as hell when he swears!I don't blame him at all for the way he must feel about the press they've said some rotten things about him.Talkin... Read More »

Have you heard about the dreadful death of the baby boy!!?

Oh my god that is absolutely disgusting i don't know how someone to do that to their own child, someone that is there own, i am so upset over hearing this.You have people who have been trying for y... Read More »