Ir u write on a cd will it damage ti?

Answer Yeah it will. If you want to write on them, there is a special type of marker to do that. Don't use anything sharp because that would definitely damage the disc.You can put stickers on the cover of... Read More »

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How to Write Damage Estimates?

Damage to a home, vehicle or property covered by an insurance policy will be estimated -- in writing -- by the insurance carrier to determine the cost of repair or replacement. This estimate forms ... Read More »

If you hit an object on the freeway and caused damage to a friend's car can you be held liable for the damage or deductible in CA?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS% Answer More than likely, yes. The car was the responsibility of the person driving it at the time of damage, regardless of the circumstances. Answer You are NOT liable for any pa... Read More »

Will my physical body have damage even though I dont feel any pain when I subject it to damage?

obviouslyit hurts the body..not the soul, and soul controls only your emotions n has nothing to do with physical body!

Are you responsible for damage to personal property other than your own if water damage occurs in your apartment?

Answer If you were aware of a leak....informed no one, took no steps to repair or prevent the water from escaping your apartment and damaging your neighbor's are. However, if you ar... Read More »