Ipod touch set up question?

Answer No sorry :/ All game progress and stats will be lost, however I believe accomplishments in Game Center are saved.

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IPod touch question: Please help!?

16 gig is what i haveI have about 700 songs, a few gigs of photos, 20 video pod casts, and 35+ apps - and i've almost filled it up half way.16 gig should be enough for you, with a bit of leftover.Y... Read More »

Ipod touch question?

This happens to me also, I have an Iphone. Like suddenly when a movie is being played it looses sound and then shuts down and takes me to the home screen. Just fast forward it a little when that pa... Read More »

Ipod touch 2g question?

This happens when the battery is overused for many years and has run out of life so yes a replacement will have to be made. However I believe buying a used iPod touch could actually be cheaper than... Read More »

IPod Touch Question Please Help!! 10 Points?

It all depends on what you will be using it for...If all you want to do is listen to music and watch movies - 8GB for $230 is a RIPOFF!!!If you want to play around with some apps - and don't have a... Read More »