Ipod speakers please read even if you dont answer!!!?

Answer no it sounds like crap

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Tatoo survey! even if you dont have one answer!?

. male or female female2. how old are you? 443. do you have a tattoo? yes4. how many tattoos do you have? 55. why did you get it? A) for no reason or just felt like it B) for a reason:i had my firs... Read More »

What to do if a ipod touch speakers dont work?

Try a different set of earbuds. the wires are so thin and flimsy it is usually those and not the ipod itself or see if it plays in a docking station.

Please dont laugh, please answer?

if you are that scared just go to the doctor. you may just a stomach flu or something. if you were poisoned you would feel A LOT worse than just feeling like you are going to throw up. and you woul... Read More »

Please help me...concerned about a precious 9 year old little girl who is sick...please read and answer.......?

Oh my I am so very sorry. My daughter had a medical problem when she was 4 and was not eating or drinking. The doctors said if she didn't start they were going to put her in the hospital with IV"... Read More »