Ipod repair - I went for a swim with my ipod! i let it dry for past 2 days, buyt still doesnt work. Any ideas?

Answer I hate to say this... buy the exact same one from walmart... wait a week and return the broken one!

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Is it worth buying an ipod if it doesnt work anymore after 2 years?

My iPod froze up and it wont work and the computer doesnt let me restore it. What do i Do?

hold down menu and the center- It happens to mine All the time

Does the Sony TDM-IP1 digital media port iPod dock work with an iPod Touch?

The Sony TDM-IP1 digital media port adapter dock is designed to connect your iPod 5G, 4G, nano and/or Mini to a Bravia home-theater system. There is no officially published compatibility with the i... Read More »

I need some new songs for my ipod to work out too...any ideas?

Guttermouth -- Punk the way is suppose to be.LOL Christian Songs? Open the Eyes of my Heart -- I hate those commercials.