Ipod help?

Answer this happened to me.... hook your ipod up to your computer and open itunes.... this will unlock it for you... if you lost your USB cord then i think your screwed........ sorry. unless you go buy a ... Read More »

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What do i do if my ipod is making noise !!!!! help help help help scarred?

try resetting it to its normal settings (press and hold the middle and top button at the same thime for a couple seconds untioll it goes black and the apple logo apears)

I am trying to put videos in my Ipod, but it kept saying that my Ipod cannot be found. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!?

I had a similar problem until I figured out that the videos had to be converted to MP4's before trying to upload them to my IPOD.Then everything worked perfectly.


Try holding the menu button and middle button at the same time for a few seconds until it shows the apple screen. Then press play and it should work fine.

Ipod touch...Ipod Classic Help!!?

I would go for the iPod touch. I received one not too long ago and absolutely LOVE it. With a good screen protector the fingerprints are a non-factor and they come by the muliplied thousand. A must... Read More »