Ipod and magic jack?

Answer I also use the MagicJack and have an iPot!!its a known problem between iPot and MJ, but here is what to do.....go to your device manager and disable the iPot device, then you will not have any prob... Read More »

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Is Magic Jack a good thing to have what are some bad things that can happen when you have Magic Jack?

you gonna love it!!I have it since last may and love it!but remember, if you are like the rest of most ppl who need every thing spoon-feed, then the MJ is not for you....but if you get turned on by... Read More »

I have an ipod with the headphone jack broken off into the ipod headphone jack any ideas of getting it out?

Depends on how adventurous you're feeling...Option 1: Have it serviced by a qualified technician. If you don't care about voiding the warranty, a local electronics repair shop should be able to hel... Read More »

Is Magic Jack Worth it?

Magic Jack is great for the money It's as cheap as it can get. I've used it for almost two years. IMHO it's great value.You can't beat free long distance anywhere in Canada or the U. S. It's a rea... Read More »

Is magic jack any good?

The answer to your question might depend on your answer to this question: Is your computer any good? LOL Actually, the quality of your broadband connection plays a significant factor too. If you ... Read More »