Ipod Nano Frozen!!!!!!! Help Me Please!!!!!!!!!?

Answer lock it, unlock it then lock it and unlock it again- now hold the top button on the circle down and then at the same time hold down the middle button in the middle of the circle- do this for ten se... Read More »

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What happens if my ipod nano is frozen and wont trun off can you help me?

You need to reset it. Hold the middle button and menu button down for a few seconds. This will NOT affect your songs. Good luck!!


Try holding the menu button and middle button at the same time for a few seconds until it shows the apple screen. Then press play and it should work fine.

My Ipod is frozen, Help please!?

hold the middle button down for a long time till it comes backon

Can you help with ipod nano please?

Or if it doesn't then plug your ipod into your computer and under the devices bit it should say sync. Click that and it will take them off. Another way is on library untick the boxes next to the so... Read More »