Ipod Nano Frozen!!!!!!! Help Me Please!!!!!!!!!?

Answer lock it, unlock it then lock it and unlock it again- now hold the top button on the circle down and then at the same time hold down the middle button in the middle of the circle- do this for ten se... Read More »

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My ipod nano is frozen?

Hold down the middle button and the play button at the same time and it will restart itself.Good luck!

How do you reset an ipod nano with a frozen screen?

I have had the same problem. Clam down and relax. The way apple suggest to fix this issue is to: 1. slide the hold button (one on the bottom of your iPod) and then slide it back. 2. Hold the cent... Read More »

What happens if my ipod nano is frozen and wont trun off can you help me?

You need to reset it. Hold the middle button and menu button down for a few seconds. This will NOT affect your songs. Good luck!!

How to Unfreeze a Frozen iPod Nano 4th Generation Screen?

If you have ever been in a state like me and are worrying about the well-being of your iPod, please read this article.