Iphone 4 youtube keeps crashing!!?

Answer Myne is doing the same thing it's so annoying I have the iPod touch 4 and I tried rebooting it and restarting it and shutting it down but none worked!! I even tried deleting some of my jailbreaks a... Read More »

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IPhone 4 YouTube App Keeps Crashing?

Just figured It out! use it while your iPod/ iPhone is charging! Make sure it's with the cord and not wirelessly!

My pc keeps crashing on me?

What anti-Virus/SpyWare are you running? and have you run a scan recently?I can recommend some good free downloads for you.I am presuming it's virus related as you seem supprised that it crashing s... Read More »

Why MCedit keeps crashing?

Delete it from your system and reinstall it again. Make sure your device has enough free space in the memory.There have been many complaints of MCEdit being unstable, so you better start looking fo... Read More »

Firefox Keeps Crashing... :/ ...?

Registry cleaners are almost always scams. The "trusted" link above listing one of the cleaners is also a scam. These products do nothing but cause harm to your computer 9 times out of 10. An alter... Read More »