Ipad 2 or ipad 3 which is better?

Answer The only better thing about the iPad 2 is that it's lighter. If you want to have faster and better features go with the iPad 3. Also it's cooler to have 3 than 2 :) just saying

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Which iPad is better iPad 2 or iPad 3rd?

About resolution, 3rd generation. About stuff, A tie would happen since they both have 2 cameras, a touch screen, same size.DO NOTjudge it for its generation!

Which is better iPad iPad 2 or a laptop?

Side to side comparison iPad : No camera, good for occasional typing, great for games iPad 2 : Camera, other than that same as ipad1 Laptop: Flash, probably a camera, ability to hook up usb devi... Read More »

Which is better - the iPad or the iPad 2?

You cant actually tell because there really is no difference apart from the camera on the iPad 2. The iPad also has HD and some people think that a 10 hour battery on the iPad 2 is awesome, but in ... Read More »

Should I you get an iPad 2 or iPad 3 I like the iPad 2 costs less and is thinner but I also like the iPad 3s retina display and camera?

I suggest to buy an iPad 3 as its camera rocks,it's good resolution screen. So fast processor .ipad2 is not at all good.