Involuntary Urination in Dogs?

Answer Canine urinary incontinence refers to involuntary urination in dogs. Involuntary urination is often confused with frequent urination---in which the dog can control urination but experiences the urg... Read More »

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Lack of Urination in Dogs?

When a dog is not producing any urine, the most likely culprit is anuria. Anuria is a total suppression of the production of urine by the dog's kidneys. Healthy kidneys produce between 1 and 2 ml o... Read More »

Uncontrollable Urination in Dogs?

Uncontrollable urination in dogs can have many causes, such as urinary stones, infection or or an underlying physical problem. In many cases, dogs may have multiple problems that contribute to thei... Read More »

Constant Urination in Dogs?

Since the habits of a dog are typically consistent, a change in urination pattern may be cause for concern. Composed of many organs, the urinary tract of a dog works in much the same way as it does... Read More »

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