Involuntary Revocation of Wills?

Answer The law may revoke a will even though the will's creator (the testator) had no intention of revocation; this is known as revocation by operation of law. Parties with questions about specific wills ... Read More »

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What is revocation of probation?

Probation allows a convicted criminal offender the opportunity to remain in the community and generally carry on with his life following a sentence. Probation is revoked, however, in certain situat... Read More »

Revocation of a Quitclaim Deed?

A deed is a legal document that grants a new owner title to a particular piece of property. State laws recognize different types of deeds; the different types have different promises or guarantees ... Read More »

Power of Attorney Revocation Document?

The power of attorney is a legally binding document in which authority is designated to a certain trusted individual (agent), usually a relative, friend or business associate, to make certain kinds... Read More »

Revocation of a General Power of Attorney?

A general power of attorney is a document where a person appoints an attorney-in-fact to act on her behalf in all situations. For example, the named agent may enter into a contract under the signe... Read More »