Invitations That Look Like a Concert Ticket?

Answer Making your party invitations look like concert tickets gets people's attention and excites guests about your upcoming party. The tickets look similar to those used for admission to sporting events... Read More »

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How to Create Ticket Party Invitations?

You are planning an event with a grand theme and would like unique invitations to correspond with your theme. A fun way to play up the event is to create a party invitation that looks like an event... Read More »

What are concert ticket drops?

Have you ever been annoyed when a concert you wanted to attend is sold out and then miraculously tickets become available just before the show? This is a ticket drop.HistoryTickets have been an eas... Read More »

What is a concert ticket drop?

Ticket drops are a great way to get tickets to an event or concert that was previously listed as sold out. The tricky part is buying those tickets before the concert is once again sold out.What Is ... Read More »

Is it okay to send out bridal shower invitations before wedding invitations?

Traditional wedding etiquette calls for wedding invitations to go out around six weeks before the wedding, and that showers should take place four to six weeks before the wedding, meaning that it i... Read More »