Invisible Hair Weave Technique?

Answer Invisible hair weaving, also known as skin wefts or invisible hair extensions, is a relatively new technique used in the world of hair extensions. As the hair extension industry progresses, new tec... Read More »

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What Is the Goat Weave Hair Weave Technique?

Traditional hair weaves commonly glue or bond hair extensions to individual strands of natural hair. A goat weave, however, employs a technique classified by the wig company Laissez Faire Hair as t... Read More »

Invisible Strand Hair-Weaving Technique?

The invisible strand hair technique is a hair-weaving style that takes much time and practice. Hairstyles used with strand hair give a natural look and take away from the synthetic look. Using the ... Read More »

How to Apply Invisible Strand Hair Weaving Technique?

Hair weaving has evolved from sewn-in tracks of hair attached to cornrows to the newer methods that increase the ease of application and the wear of the hair. Invisible strand weaving, a variation... Read More »

The Integration Hair Weave Technique?

When choosing which type of hair weave technique you want to wear, you should consult with a stylist. Some techniques work better with particular weave styles. The integration weave technique is on... Read More »